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Get To Know Me

Hi, I'm Ellie!


Being your realtor goes beyond assisting you with buying or selling your home. It is an exciting journey and I am honored to be asked to be part of it. 

Prior to my real estate career, I owned a clothing company for 13 years. Transitioning from selling clothing to residential real estate was quite smooth because the same skill sets are used: listening to my clients’ needs, negotiating, building relationships, problem solving and working to achieve clients’ goals.

Portland is an ever-changing city divided by a beautiful river, located between a majestic Cascadian mountain and the captivating Pacific coastline. As Portland continues to grow it still feels like a city full of little barrios. You really get a feeling of community no matter which neighborhood you choose to live in.

I grew up on the Eastside of Portland. During my adolescence my family moved to a few to different neighborhoods. Upon returning from college, I lived in NE Portland. Soon after I got married, had two baby boys back to back. As the city was growing and changing so was I. After spending more than 18 years of my life on the Eastside of Portland, my family moved to Hillsdale in SW Portland.


Going through the process of buying a house while practicing real estate allowed me to experience the emotions folks go through. It was exciting, turbulent and fun!


When I'm not racing around Portland with my clients, you can find me elbows deep in dirt planting natives in my garden, skiing up at Mt. Hood, or hiking the Gorge. Portland is never lacking for something to do 

because this city is bursting with cultural activities and surrounded by amazing nature in any direction.

I am 100% referral based so all of my transaction and new clients come from past clients and friends. To that point, know that with every transaction I close a donation in made to a local non-profit.

My goal is for your real estate experience to be wonderful, exhilarating and stress-free (at least, as much as possible). If you are looking for a local Portland realtor who has a great moral compass, knows the ins and outs of the city and who will be upfront and honest with you look no further. I am happy to provide referrals upon request, so you can gain a perspective other than mine. Your goals and dreams for your real estate transaction will become mine. We will become a team and we will get there together. 


Ellie Gartland

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