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Your Journey



Choose Realtor

Intro and consultation
to discuss goals
and timelines

Define Plan

Research and set strategy for listing price, establish timeline to prepare home

Prepare Home

Live on Market

Review Offers

Title &

Walkthrough and advise
on prep needed for home
to show its best. Also, review

property disclosures and
sign sales agreement

Listing goes live,

marketing support begins (open houses, social, etc.)

Offer(s) presented to
compare and accept offer then begin
negotiation phase

Title will provide pre-
liminary title report and seller provides buyer with property disclosures


Inspection Period 



Closing Day

* Rent Back

Selling and buying parties agree to contract, title to open escrow and buyer to deposit earnest money

Starts first business day after mutual acceptance, duration usually 10 days.

All repairs and credits are negotiated during this time 

On behalf of buyer,
lender will order
(if purchase financed)

After appraisal received, requested repairs completed, title prepares to transfer deed 

Docs signed by seller and buyer, funds transferred from title to seller and title recorded in new owner's name

If part of offer, seller would remain in house until agreed-upon date in preparation to move

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